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Flash of blue; bright as the sky,
flutters quickly past, attracting my eyes.
A blue bird settles into my tree of orange leaves,
seconds later another appears, is it my eyes sight deceives?
Winter is upon us; spring far away,
yet this winged pair seem determined to stay!
Spots of blue amongst fall features;
exposed against the landscape are these two creatures.
Blue birds of happiness, why do you appear?
Do you foretell of good news in the upcoming year?
The reason you come; this I don’t know;
Your presence offers hope; replacing sorrow!


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Looking Handsome!


Beauty of the Day’s EndWhat the Sun Leaves Behind

Having been a teacher myself for almost ten years, this prompt spoke to me. A great teacher gets students excited to learn, and when he or she teaches, has such enthusiasm for teaching that this is felt by their students. What makes a teacher great is their ability to go above and beyond for their students, whether through researching creative ways to present a subject to students, spending their personal time to find resouces on the Internet to make a lesson more meaningful to students, or taking extra professional development classes on a subject to stay abreast of the latest trends in education. A great teacher makes students excited to come to school every day, finds time to get to know something special about each student in their class in order to create a special bond with each child, and makes his/her classroom an environment where children feel safe and their minds challenged. Great teachers are always learning themselves, and striving to improve their teaching style. Most importantly, a great teacher is one that exudes an air of caring and works to improve the self-esteem of the students in the classroom. A great teacher should exhibit excellent classroom management techniques, and create a positive learning environment for all students. She/he should have regular contact with parents whether through a newsletter or website to keep families involved with their children's education. Finally, a great teacher should help students love school, and make an impact on students that will last for years to come!

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Sky Art


Sky Art

The blue sky is pierced by seven colors
arching through cotton-white clouds
resulting in a kaleidoscopic affect
splintering color in all directions.

Vibrant tones reminiscent of a child’s new box of crayons;
freshly opened; each color unaffected.
Rainbows are amazing to behold;
true feasts for the eyes.
Its arc rising strong and true,
no imperfections revealed; its colorful surface unmarred.
Essence unable to be captured; beauty impossible to emulate;
as its colors fade effortlessly; creating a spectrum of red through purple for display;
hues blending seamlessly, never crossing the color boundaries.

Where do they come from, these magnificent gifts of the sky?
They are nature’s own works of art,
displayed to a world of connoisseurs;
marveling at this prism of light;
reflected on an endless canvas above!


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Rays shooting in various ways;

extending the sun’s center bringing light to day.

A burning flower in the sky;

as day commences its power intensifies!

Bright beacon of nature’s birth;

offering warm comfort to the Earth.

Beauty resplendent in a field of blue;

creating shimmering rainbow tinged hues.

Bold, all-knowing; securing its position high;

observer of the world like a gleaming eye.

Magnificence, splendor, light provider all in one;

Comprise the wonder that is our son!



Clothes are very important in that they are an extension of your personality. If you have a playful, fun personality (like myself) express that in your look through incorporating animal prints and bright colors. Your clothes should make you feel good when you put them on; comfortable not constricted. I love anything cheetah print or using colors that bring out my positive personality! Don't forget the ability accessories have in adding pizzazz or a pop of color to clothing. My style would be described as trendy yet fun. I love wearing the latest fashion looks, but infusing them with touches of myself whether through shoes, handbags, or jewelry. Most important, dress for you, not anybody else!

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