Sky Art

The blue sky is pierced by seven colors
arching through cotton-white clouds
resulting in a kaleidoscopic affect
splintering color in all directions.

Vibrant tones reminiscent of a child’s new box of crayons;
freshly opened; each color unaffected.
Rainbows are amazing to behold;
true feasts for the eyes.
Its arc rising strong and true,
no imperfections revealed; its colorful surface unmarred.
Essence unable to be captured; beauty impossible to emulate;
as its colors fade effortlessly; creating a spectrum of red through purple for display;
hues blending seamlessly, never crossing the color boundaries.

Where do they come from, these magnificent gifts of the sky?
They are nature’s own works of art,
displayed to a world of connoisseurs;
marveling at this prism of light;
reflected on an endless canvas above!