There were many toys I enjoyed playing with as a child, but the one that has always stood out in my mind was my fashion plates. I remember how you could create various looks for the doll designs, then color in the outfits you created however you liked. I definitely see a connection between this beloved toy and my life today. First, I am very dedicated to following the latest trends. I love wearing stylish clothes, shoes and accessories. I enjoy wearing bright colorful prints, and experimenting with different looks to create a fabulous ensemble. Then there's the fact that since I write, I am more drawn to jobs where I get to discuss fashion, offer advice on how to dress for different scenarios, and enjoy writing product descriptions of clothing, shoes, and jewelry because I have a good eye for detail, and know the current fashion terms used when writing about popular styles. I guess you could say my love for creating fashionable looks all began with the toy Fashion Plates, and hasn't ceased!

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