In order for me to feel complete, I need to be able to express myself naturally. I do this through writing and photography, dancing and singing. I cannot go a single day in my life without doing all four of these things! In the morning I begin my day by photographing the sun studying it to find interesting angles or if it's a cloudy day, I photograph cloud formations. In the evening I photograph the moon as it shifts through the evening clouds. When it comes to writing, I begin my day working on poetry and progress to fine tuning my short stories, children's literature, or works of fiction or nonfiction, depending on my mood. At bedtime I record inspirational quotes in a notebook that I feel mirror the path of my life currently. I spend evenings dancing to songs that make me feel good and have a great beat to them. As I dance I sing along, or sometimes I walk through the house just singing a Capella. Music and dancing make me feel happy, and I love the nostalgic vibe you get from a song you connect to a specific time of your life! So in order for my life to stay on an even keel, I need to dance, sing, write, and take photographs daily. These things have become ingrained in my life, as integral pieces that make me the person I am today!

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