Seasonal Change in the Cycle of Life

Summer heat bids farewell; greeting the cool winds of Autumn,



silently exchanging places; handing over control.

Green-hued trees relinquish leave’s monochromatic shade;


leaving in its wake bright shades of red, yellow, and orange.


Jewel-colored tones cover the landscape;
bursts of brillance interspersed among grass of green.
Time moves on, these glittering gemstones soon fall to the earth;
the ground of green becomes carpeted with color.
Air becomes colder, wind increases in intensity;
signs of Fall retreat, as the frigid hand of Winter washes over nature.
Brillant colors fade from sight, trees become bare,
looking stark and bereft of life, save for a single leaf clinging to a random branch.
Frigid cold settles upon the world;
Winter has announced its prescence.

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