I won’t deny that I’m not the most computer savvy individual when it comes to creating my own webpage.  For me it’s a lot of hit or miss experiences.  Well today you will notice how all of my blogs are now improved as a result of adding widgets!  I stumbled upon the area of how to incorporate widgets simply by mistake!  Now I see why some blogs look so put together! I am loving widgets!  I don’t have it all down pat just yet and pingbacks still confuse the heck out of me, but at least my blogs look more cohesive now!  Anyway I know this isn’t my usual type of post, so I won’t bore you with my new love of computer technology.  If anyone is at all capable of understanding how to use pingbacks to respond to prompts from another site I would be eternally grateful as to how to go about pinging a post to another post! 🙂  I promise no more boring posts after this! If you have been stuck on widgets, plugins, and pingbacks too below are some helpful articles.  If  you’ve read all the way through this post well then you deserve a reward in the form of some beautiful photography!  Hope you enjoyed the capture of the sun bursting through the clouds I took today!