Insistent ticking from a clock


slicing the silent-filled air;

piercing it like a knife.

Darkness grows consuming the room;

thoughts set up permanent camp in my mind.

Tugging consistently at my conscious;

causing anxiety to mount, my breathing quickens.

Feeling bereft of air, my head swims;

through a sea of confusion, dizzy from lack of oxygen.

Tones from the clock, pounding inside my skull

increasing in intensity with each labored breath.

Holding hands to my temples to prevent my head from splitting;

eyes darting about seeking refuge from the monotonous clacking.

Heart racing; echoing from solid walls

caged like a bird, yearning to flee my mental prison.

Spying a sliver of light, I race towards it

hungry for freedom; pawing at a sealed door.


esperate to break away from darkness,

intent on filling lungs with cleansing air.

Submitting to defeat, accepting fate,

the door begrudgingly relinquishes its stronghold

allowing itself to be wretched open.

Lungs become consumed by delicious freshness,

falling to my knees in relief, time’s repetitive sound diminishes.

Clarity returns, heartbeat pulsates at normal pace,

face raised, squinting through blinding sunlight

laughter bubbles within

released, in an airy whisper.