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Sunlight’s Lullaby

Her bent silhoutte forms shadows, tears stream from sapphire eyes.
Heavy heart seeped in grief,
laden with burdens of life, invisible to human eyes.
Golden rays twinkle, specks of fairy dust fill the air,  
a blanket woven of sunlight, encircles her frame.
Comforting touch, protecting one in need during moments of weakness,
driving away emotional vultures perched hungrily, waiting to swoop down.
They will have to quench their hunger elsewhere,
sun’s radiance has forced them into hiding.
Emulating a comforting mother’s hand,
brilliant trajectories bathe the wounded soul in brightness.
Seeking to assuage reason for this melancholy,
cradling its earth child in powerful arms of magnitude, rocking her slowly, into peaceful sleep.
As quiet sighs of contentment escape her lips,
Rays recede into the horizon, watchful for signs that they are needed below.

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Paris is such a gorgeously constructed city full of buildings that are beautifully designed! I always enjoy viewing the magnificent archways, and shapes found in the structures and buildings of Paris. Each one is unique in structure, design, use of cutouts, and I find them all so magnificent and stately in presence! The materials used to create the ceilings in certain buildings alone is so exquisite and breathtaking! Thinking back to when some of these amazing edifices were created, it’s astounding to see how they have stood the test of time to allow generations of visitors to gaze upon their intricate stained glass windows, stroll through the overwhelmingly sized archways, and admire the beautiful history found around every corner of this historic city of lights!


DSCN2036            DSCN2078            DSCN2081



DSCN2095                            DSCN2097                         DSCN2101


The churches in Paris with their twisting turrets, carved statues sitting regally, keeping watch over the city are amazing sources of wonderment to me. It seems that this city was built with the intent to capture and entice visitors’ attention through the use of architecturally grand formations. One only has to walk a few steps before being confronted with the city’s splendor personified through each building, which is in itself a work of art I feel! This city is an architectural feast for the eyes!



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My BFF For Life!

I am a firm believe that we don’t just encounter people in our life randomly, they are sent to us for a purpose. This is truly the case for my best friend Jaime and myself. We met on the first day of kindergarten when we were five years old, and have been inseparable ever since! (I won’t say how long we’ve been BFF’s to protect our ageless beauty ;), but trust me its been awhile!) She is the most generous, loving, giving, person I have ever met! She doesn’t think twice about helping out another person and would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it! Over the years, our friendship has grown and blossomed making her feel more like the sister I never had, as opposed to just a friend. We have been there for each other for the good times and bad. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, holidays, you name it! The support she has shown me over the years only continues to grow. Even though we live in different states, whenever we get together, we pick up right where we left off! I feel she epitomizes the qualities of a true friend, someone who isn’t there only for the good moments in life, but for the not so good ones too! We have seen each other at our worst times and she always knows just what to say to make me feel better. I hope I do the same for her as well! She has a heart of gold, and this can be seen in how she treats her students and her pets, as well as in her treatment of other individuals. Though we have been friends for many many years, we have never once been in a fight! Honestly! We just have fun together and are there cheering each other on through life’s little and big achievements! I love her like a sister and she is truly the best friend a girl could ask for! She’s a lover of rainbows, dragonflies, and butterflies just like me. She is a dreamer, creative (you should see her paint Tweety Bird on her own nails!), and I don’t think I could ever say enough to describe the truly magnificent individual that she embodies! If you have a friend that you can always count on, that supports you, and accepts you for the person you are no matter what happens in life, treasure that person and that friendship. This is a unique, wonderful gift to find in life. If you are able to have one true, honest to goodness friend in life, never take that or them for granted! I was given a great gift the day I met my BFF, my sister for life, and I am so thankful to have her in my life!

Meaningless Words

     Useless words, devoid of meanings,
what purpose can they serve?
     In that sense, what is the point of words,
glaring mockingly, from snow white pages?
     Permanently ingrained in the fibers of one’s soul,
thrown out carelessly, their context misused.
     Lost in society’s daily struggle for power,
indelible black impressions, trampled underfoot.
     Forgotten, discarded, lying hopefully in wait,
straining, with every ounce of their being, desperate for notoriety, by a writer.
     Persisting in their quest for acknowledgement they remain,
patiently waiting to be remembered.
     I sense the yearning behind these forgotten words,
bereft of the pages upon which they were intended to be scrawled.
     Unclaimed, ownerless, never failing to believe they will reunite with him,
I sat there and waited, but he never came back.

*This poem was based on the video C is   Sea  and is incorporated in the poem in the line “Useless words” and “What purpose can they serve?” and concludes with the prompt line “I sat there and waited, but he never came back”.

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     Juxtaposition is the depiction of two objects that seem completely out of place when placed side by side.  Here I chose this photograph of a freely growing amongst the weeds and dead leaves of late fall.  It offers a spot of hope of brightness in an otherwise muted landscape devoid of color.  A special symbol of inspiration for a world in need of something to cling to as a sign that things will get better. That’s the interpretation I get from this photograph.  What do you think the buttercup depicts here?



A friend of mine Angel Chen owns a company in China called Teavivre  Out of the goodness of her heart she shipped me several loose teas and as a gesture of goodwill I wanted to share with you all a review of her company’s teas!  These teas come from various areas in China, consist of hand rolled tea leaves and tea pearls, which open up when brewed releasing floral and fruity scents throughout your home!

Tea can be very beneficial for its many healthy properties it extols such as added antioxidants found in green tea or chamomile’s ability to produce a calming effect on one’s body, reducing tension and stress.  So here are a sampling of  loose teas found at Teavivre which offers a monthly tea sampling to consumers allowing you to test drive their teas at a reduced rate.

Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea
I love green tea and this specific tea is infused with the heady scent of jasmine.  The reason it is called “Dragon Pearls”  is because the loose tea leaves have been rolled into tight balls resembling pearls.  You only need to brew a few of these pearls at a time for your daily cup of tea because they open up to emit the intense tea flavor and scent of jasmine when brewed.  The flavor of this tea is sweet, strong, and delicious! The scent of jasmine inhaled with each sip really made this tea stand out for me! Easily my favorite!

Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea
Coming in as a close second in favorite teas from Teavivre is the chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea. This tea sample contained silver needle buds, chamomile leaves, and rose leaves.  While brewing this tea, I was enticed by the heady scent of roses that was released.  I found this chamomile tea to be relaxing, relieving the stress of the day.  The fact that this is a white tea also offers added health benefits to the tea drinker.

Organic Silver Needle White Tea
For those fond of organic beverages, this tea is made of pure tea leaves.  From the first sip, I immediately felt a warm sense of calm overtake my whole body! This tea isn’t bitter or strong like some of the others, rather it is more mellow in both taste and flavor.  It was very enjoyable and since it is a white tea, one gains the health benefits associated with white tea while enjoying it!

Bi Luo Chan Green Tea
A green tea that is created using tea buds (tightly wrapped tea leaves), and new leaves.  The aroma of fruit especially one of orange or citrus is apparent in this tea.  When brewed, the tea color becomes bright green in color!  I found this green tea from Teavivre to be mellow in substance.  The additional benefit this tea provides is needed antioxidants to your body.

Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea
This green tea is made from teabuds rolled tightly to keep in the tea’s flavor until brewed, and new leaves.  The tea itself has a light nutty flavor to it, yet it is very sweet and enjoyable.  It reminded me of a really earthly type of tea in aroma and flavor.

Anxi Superfine Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong Tea
The name sames it all in describing this tea made of pure tea leaves.  It’s a strong tasting tea with a sweet flavor that lingers with you well beyond your first sip.  When brewing this tea, you will notice a floral scent emitted.  If you enjoy a strong pure tea this oolong tea is for you!

So if you are a tea lover like myself, be sure to visit the site and check out all the other various teas offered there.  Be sure to talk with Angel Chen, a professional tea ceremony individual, about the benefits of the teas on the site, and sign up to try a few that interest you!

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Ah, the sky! Both mysterious and wonderous in its ability to create natural beauty.  It has been said that if you take in the calming blue hues seen above, your mood improves.  I feel this is definitely possible.  But when the sun starts to set, creating a kaleidoscope affect of color, that’s when I feel the sky truly comes alive!! As a photographer, we are trained to look for those moments of beauty in nature, ones that are so magnificent, you’re left awestruck.  The extraordinary ability of the sky to create displays of color, unique cloud formations, and the manner in which the sun shoots trajectories of light down to Earth make it one of my favorite natural phenomenon to photograph.  Enjoy the inspiration resulting from the brillance of the sky!!











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The first flakes of snow always bring to mind a sense of hope, happiness, and anticipation for what’s to come.  Will those crystallized flakes amount to anything?  Will they be the sole members of a requited blanket of white,  making not enough of an impact to affect your daily routine? Or maybe they are the beginning of what will be a magnificent winterscape! Below details the rapid accumulation of snowflakes experienced today in my neck of the woods.


A few sparse flakes are visible.

A few sparse flakes float through the sky.


The amount of snowflakes greatly increases within seconds!


The ground starts to become blanketed with a light dusting.


Continuous snowfall quickly accumulates, covering the ground with several inches.


Several inches of snow have gathered blanketing the ground in white beauty!

Do you have a wonderful photograph of today’s snowstorm? Please share it with our community of followers! Send a link to your post to this site to share beautiful winter wonderland photography and be sure to stay warm and cozy today! 🙂

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Lunch time again. Staring absent mindedly at the contents filling the refrigerator, my mind isn’t on food.  My mind is whirling like a hamster running on its wheel, thoughts churning at an intense speed.  I finally decide on having a lite lunch of cheese, crackers, and almonds, rationalizing that the almonds are protein and will supply me with needed energy.  I carry my meager choices to the kitchen table, but quickly forget them, as I am distracted by the beautiful glowing ball of sunlight that is glaring through the windows directly in my line of vision.  Deciding this opportunity is too perfect to ignore, I grab my camera and a handful of almonds and head outside to capture the sun in all its brilliant glory. Seeing the radiance emitted by the sun, I become inspired to create a poem about its magnificence, and dart inside to retrieve my notebook and pencil.  I get wrapped up in writing my ode to the sun and suddenly the sky alights with glorious colors as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.  Once again I grab my camera and venture outside to capture the natural beauty of Mother Nature. Upon entering the house after another successful photo session I glance the time on the clock near the door, 5:00 PM!  Where did the day go? I sigh and begin making preparations for dinner.



Families can mean different things to each person.  Some people come from small families, while other people have families comprising large groups of people.  Then there are friends who have always been in your life and would give you the shirt off their backs.  They grow so close to you, you couldn’t imagine life without them.  These are your adopted family members that while not blood, are family nonetheless! 
We tend to immediately picture people when we hear the word family, but animals also have their own sense of family.  Here in the picture above I was lucky to capture a family of six deer coming out of the forest to search for food together as the sun was setting.  The larger deer protected the smaller deer by keeping them in the middle of their line, just as parents protect their children.  The larger deer also kept a watchful eye for signs of danger as their young ate.  It was amazing to witness the similarities between how the mother and father deer cared for their young,  compared to how a human mother and father care for their children.  It was a truly beautiful experience!

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