What does a door represent?   Do you view it as nothing more than a barrier between yourself and the outside world? After reading this post, perhaps you will begin to see doors in a new light!

The photo of the white door above, was taken while visiting Wasington DC recently.  This symmetrically designed door was attached to a stone house dating back to the 1800’s!  Imagine how much history is ingrained within the wooden fibers of this very door!  If only it had the capability to speak, the stories it could recount, of how the world has evolved around it, over the centuries!   Alas, that last thought, is but a dream, that will never come to fruition!  One can only use their imagination, to picture the experiences this door has been privy to, over the years!


The vibrant, red hue, and unique, architectural design, of these double, church doors, mimicking the shape of a church, are hard to miss, while strolling the streets of Washington DC.  They bear an inscription, carved at the edge of the stairs, dedicating the stairwell, to a woman. Who was this woman, given the privilege, of having her name engraved outside these church doors? Was she a prominent church member? Only those that inscribed her name here for eternity, would know that answer!

These are only two examples, of the dozens of doors I have photographed, on my travels. Doors have always intrigued me. The different, architectural moldings, the plethora of colors, the manner in which, homeowners stage an inviting scene, with the door as the focal point, to welcome visitors to their homes, shows they care about how others view the appeal, of their home.  Your choice of front door color, and design, sends a message to the world. What does your front door say about you?