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Welcome to the release blitz on blog A Veil of Enlightenment  for Author J A Mellville’s newest book Passion and Fire!


In order to get you sufficiently intrigued and tantalized by this new release, below is a teaser to wet your appetite, and get your pulse racing from Passion and Fire!

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Whew! Did it get hotter in here after reading that teaser or is it my imagination? Somebody turn on a fan! 🙂  If you are just getting to know Author J A Melville, you should know that Passion and Fire is the fourth book out of six total in the author’s Passion Series. If you love reading about romance, seduction, and passion, be sure to read the other books in J A Mellville’s Passion Series as well!

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Now how about an excerpt from Passion and Fire by J A Mellville? I thought you would all like that! 🙂


In Passion and Fire we meet Flame, a beautiful red head, a pole dancer in a strip club and a drifter by nature.  She never stayed in one place too long or got involved with anyone to avoid not only potential heartache, but she couldn’t risk anyone finding out what she was, the power she possessed.

She meets Damien a tall, dark, handsome, notorious womanizer and most importantly a vampire! A different woman every night was his philosophy. He used his stunning good looks and other talents to get what he wanted blood and sex.

When they meet there truly is a meeting of Passion and Fire….

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