The feeling brought about resulting in joy can be caused by a multitude of things.  The cause of joy is different for each person. Maybe twinkling lights during the holidays make you feel joy.  Hearing a baby’s heartbeat for the first time is pure untainted joy for others.  Seeing the face of a special person in your life brings a warm feeling of joy, or catching sight of the first snowflake of the season as it floats gracefully towards the ground, coming home to be met at the door by your beloved dog, or capturing a beautiful moment in nature resplendent in all its glory. All these things and more provide people with a sense of joy.  My photo above illustrates joy for me.  A blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds, a brilliant sun shooting its rays directly into the clouds and down to the water, as if connecting the sky above to the Earth.  Its golden reflection mirrored in the water below is pure beauty, and causes me to feel joy in the beauty and magnificence of nature all around me!  The opening in the clouds, allowing a hint of blue sky to show is magical in that one feels as if those loved ones above are peeking down to check on us, letting us know they’re not far away!  Captures like this are the epitome of joy for me!  So what gives you joy in life? Share your photographs or stories at

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