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You know you’ve all done it! You see a fountain resplendent with light illuminated by the sun and it lures you over.  Glancing along the bottom of this fabulous source of water, you see glinting pennies lining the bottom, representing wishes of those that had lingered beside this same fountain.  Here they stood eyes squeezed shut, heart filled with hope, and tossed their penny or two gleefully into the fountain hoping that their wish would be heard, causing their secret desires to become reality. 

As a smile plays across my lips I reach into my pocket, producing two shiny pennies. Much like those before me I squeeze my eyes shut, pause, taking a moment to languish in the hope of  wishes coming true, then open my eyes and send my two pennies sailing through the air.  They land in the fountain with a satisfying plunk, immersing themselves in the watery depths, co-mingling with all the other hopes and wishes.  I turn, walking away with a light heart.  What was it that I wished for you may be wondering?  That wish is between me and those two pennies! 🙂

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A good friend of mine who knows my penchant for loving rainbows sent me this fabulous shot of a rainbow clearly viewed through the fountain.  I love it and I really love the magical appearance of rainbows at the most unexpected times!  This week on on my site on Google+ called Weekly Wed Photo Word Association Challenge the theme happens to be rainbows so I thought this was the perfect post to share! The formation of those seven bright colors just brings happiness to my heart! One of my favorite songs about rainbows is Rainbow Connection.  The first line says “why are there so many songs about rainbows?”  So this got me to thinking of other songs about rainbows whether in the title or in the song itself.  I started to make a list but didn’t get too far so now I ask you fellow bloggers can you add to my list of rainbow songs?
Songs About Rainbows
1.Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2.Sunshine Lollipops Rainbows
3.True Colors
4. Rainbow by Mariah Carey
I’m sure I’m leaving out tons of rainbow songs but my mind is blank!
Here are some recent rainbow shimmer captures to give you all inspiration!





Here’s the real thing!


Have a fabulous day my friends! 🙂

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