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  Blazing Ball of Luminescence
  Staring skyward, blinded by illumination;
emitted consistently from a glowing hot orb.
     Intense heat eminates from its core; creating a barrier none can cross.
     Circles of scorching light,  encircle the sun;
drawn to its warmth; unscathed by its burning nature.
     Fearless in attitude; clinging tightly;
to the white-hot ball of luminescence.
     Grip never loosening; hold never relinquished;
as the object desired, increases in temperature with continuance of day.
      Fused into a single gigantic circle;
no definitive beginning or end.
     Never-ending, conjoined partners;
destined to spend eternity, as an entity of one.


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Shameless Request!

Hello all my friends & followers! I wanted to make a small request of those of you that have been enjoying my poetry and writing pieces on this blog. Write to done is currently taking nominations for the top 10 writing blogs of this year. I would love to get my blog nominated among the other writing sites! Please go to http://writetodone.com before Dec 1st and nominate my blog A Veil of Enlightenment as a contender. I would be forever grateful!! With that said I leave you with a poem:
Secrets Within
Locked tightly; impenetrable fortress of secrets;
unyielding in sharing the knowledge possessed.
Protector of thoughts, buried deep inside;
residing among the darkest corners of the mind.
Its owner unwilling to give light,
to these ponderings; these ideas.
Embarrassed to display hints of emotional vulnerability;
fearing judgement by society.
Preferring the maintenance of stoicism;
despite an internal raging battle.
Refusing to admit weakness or accept help when proffered;
choosing misery, due to foolish pride.

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My Favorite Time of Day-NaBloPoMo.


Remains of the Day’s Sunlight

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Beginning and End of Day


Day's Beginning


Day's End

This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but luckily we have the prompts to help us!  Being a newish blogger, I’m still getting the hang of all the different terminology, and ways in which to make your blog more visible to gain traffic as they say, in the blogosphere!  Today’s prompt asks who is my favorite character of all time?

I would go with Scarlet O’Hara because she knows how to make men swoon, yet is one determined chick when it comes to getting her way!  She also had a great wardrobe at a time when everyone else was not big into dressing up.  So tell me was Scarlett O’Hara the original fashionista?  I mean there’s a war going on outside her door, she doesn’t have access to fashionable clothes so she creates a fabulous dress for herself out of the curtains in her living room! Never one to be underdressed, or to wear the same clothes two days in a row, Scarlett was a strong-willed woman, who just happened to enjoy the company of a good man! 



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