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How many of you recognize my title from the song Dream a Little Dream?  I found it to be very fitting for my post today!  Last night the sky was so clear that stars could be seen everywhere you looked! I find watching stars slowly intensify with glowing glory, as the
night sky darkens is magical! Sometimes one is lucky enough to capture some clustered stars forming constellations.  The fact that stars can be so tightly knit together to form the outline of a shape amazes me! 



Secrets in the Stars
     Each twinkling star contains a story,
one it desires to impart to the world.
     Existing silently in the night sky above, 
perched for generations, carefully categorizing stories on the world below.
     Listen closely on clear nights, when the darkest hours approach,
wind whips through hair, whispering amazing tales through blustery currents.
     Timeless tales of wonder, viewed advantageously miles above Earth,
sounding faintly like strains of songs once familiar.
     If you remain immobile under the blanket of night, ears alert,
whispers of words may intensify in volume.
     Yes, stars hold mysteries shared with a select few,
are you open to receive their breathy whispers?

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The sky was beautiful colors as our cruise ship departed from New Orleans on Sunday.  It was breathtaking!  The more the sun set, the more colorful the sky became!


The sun was a fabulous shade of orange as it set in the Caribbean.  The slight reflection off the water made the sun look grand as it set along the horizon painting the sky with beautiful shades as it disappeared into the landscape.

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As the sun was setting a few nights ago, I was lucky enough to capture the magnificent shades it turned the sky. It looked like someone painted beautiful colors onto the sky above!  Colors this beautiful can never be emulated.  Only nature can create shades this wonderful! Sometimes I’m  just in awe of the world!

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