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Darkened Sunshine
By Jennifer L Roche

Once bright in appearance, now hue has diminished,
clouds dense like fog, envelope the sky.
No glimmer of light can invade these fluffy giants,
consuming all that stands in their path.
No thin ray of sunshine,
can penetrate this solid wall.
Try though it may, sun appears unable to permeate this barrier,
a dominating obstacle, overtaking the world above.
Sun refuses to concede to defeat, pushing repeatedly at its oppressor,
begrudgingly, dark clouds give way to the persistant attitude, that refuses to back down.
Emerging briefly, victorious in battle,
is the circular shaped winner, towering over the Earth.
Its glow creates a rainbow of colors,
visible through the dark void overhead.
Proof positive that insistance,
vanquishes darkness, creating victory. Constantly battling to maintain its rightful position,
this golden orb inspires within oneself, the yearning to fight for happiness in life!

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This weeks theme of one is fabulous! I had such a hard time deciding which photograph would best depict the theme one for me.  I wanted my submission to stand out and be symbolic since the term one symbolizes individuality, strength, and independence.  Finally I settled on this photograph.


One Nation United!

I feel nothing symbolizes the theme of one like our flag.  I noticed it waving proudly from atop a building from my hotel room in New Orleans.  The flag of our country is the one symbol known far and wide to all Americans.  Steadfast, strong, an unwavering sign of our one nation united!

Then I had to add a few additional photographs that met the theme of one, couldn’t help it!
First I adored this curly tailed lizard seen in Grand Cayman.  He wandered amongst the tourists, fearless content to be on his own!

Then this single bluebird appearing in my bushes exibited the singular theme so completely, he had to be included.

The theme of one couldn’t be complete without a photograph of my favorite cat! He’s an entity all his own!


A single, bright, yellow buttercup growing amongst weeds under a bush made my cut as well.

This post on the theme of one, had to display my favorite natural phenomena by Mother Nature.  A vibrant rainbow cascading through the sky!  While some rainbows appear as double rainbows, this capture is of a single one slicing color through the fluffy clouds! Pure singular magnificence!


Finally, keeping with the season, this snow-covered tree standing resolute, alone on my front lawn, branches straining under the weight of snow and ice rounded out my contributions to the weekly photo challenge-one!

Enjoy my interpretations of one! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Surviving the Night


Darkness, black as ink, arrives

leaving me alone with my thoughts

sole inhibitor of an island of memories.


Memories full of “what ifs” and excruciating longing

for a life too soon ended; I grieve.

A jagged sword of power painfully shoots through me

draining me of feeling.  Overcome with emptiness; void of emotion; I close my eyes

trying to block out heartache’s slow approach.

My attempts futile; my mind races on

I receive no reprieve; rest from my thoughts unobtainable

they gnaw at me bit by bit

leaving in their wake a hollow shell

forming a shadow; that now comprises the person

I have become.  Reminants remain, a glimmer of the past, that defined my previous self.

Knowledge dawns; I cannot become whole again;

memories can’t be recreated, erased;

thoughts can’t be silenced.

Changed forever, they created the person before you.


Night shadows lengthen dawn approaches;

a sigh of relief escapes my lips; realization that I 

endured another lonely night dawns.

One day strength will allow me to escape the lonely island of thoughts I’m stranded on; renewed for now I rise greeting the first rays of daylight.



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