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New release by Author J.Haney

An Unexpected Love!


An emotional story of loss and how finding new love when we least expect it in our lives, is necessary to sustain our life’s journey. Sometimes the unexpected can be the very thing that saves us! Pick up a copy of An Unexpected Love by J. Haney today!

An Unexpected Love 


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Synopsis from An Unexpected Love:

Ten years ago tragedy struck Kyler,  leaving her pregnant and alone.

She did what she had to survive.  But that’s all she was doing.  That is until HE crashed into her life!

Caleb Hudson was always destined to be the playboy, and never settle down.

Walking into the studio that day, he wasn’t  expecting  to find HER!

FATE decided she had another plan for them!

When they both least expected it, a bond between  them was formed.

The bond that may end up saving their lives!


Below is an excerpt from An Unexpected Love:

AUL Teaser 8

Kyler, the female lead has her hands full raising, two newborns alone. Is she able to make room in her life for romance once she meets Caleb?

Below is teaser #2 from An Unexpected Love, which also let’s you ladies get a peek at the mouthwatering, handsome hunk, intent on becoming part of Kyler’s new family!

Beautiful musuclar male model with nice abs in jeans near window with copy space

Beautiful musuclar male model with nice abs in jeans near window with copy space

AUL Teaser 5


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Welcome to the release blitz on blog A Veil of Enlightenment  for Author J A Mellville’s newest book Passion and Fire!


In order to get you sufficiently intrigued and tantalized by this new release, below is a teaser to wet your appetite, and get your pulse racing from Passion and Fire!

Teaser 4

Whew! Did it get hotter in here after reading that teaser or is it my imagination? Somebody turn on a fan! :)  If you are just getting to know Author J A Melville, you should know that Passion and Fire is the fourth book out of six total in the author’s Passion Series. If you love reading about romance, seduction, and passion, be sure to read the other books in J A Mellville’s Passion Series as well!

Jacqui's Cover

Now how about an excerpt from Passion and Fire by J A Mellville? I thought you would all like that! :)


In Passion and Fire we meet Flame, a beautiful red head, a pole dancer in a strip club and a drifter by nature.  She never stayed in one place too long or got involved with anyone to avoid not only potential heartache, but she couldn’t risk anyone finding out what she was, the power she possessed.

She meets Damien a tall, dark, handsome, notorious womanizer and most importantly a vampire! A different woman every night was his philosophy. He used his stunning good looks and other talents to get what he wanted blood and sex.

When they meet there truly is a meeting of Passion and Fire….

This link will take you to J A Mellville’s website in order to learn more about the author and their books!  Be sure to visit!

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Visit JA Melville  on Goodreads at

Blog Hop For Krystal White.

Blog Hop For Krystal White.

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Welcome to the Sweet-n-Sassy Book A Holics sponsored blog hop for :

Blog Tour

Author Krystal White has two books in the tour for lovers of passion and seductively sexy romance so hang on to your seats friends as I introduce you to her two books!

Book one is called Fortuitous.


Here is a teaser from Fortuitous to get your heart racing!

Fortuitous 1-1

Book two intensifies the heat with Life After Love !  Think you can handle this double dose of passion?

Life After Love

Now here’s a tantalizing teaser from Life After Love from this magnificent wordspinning wizard of an author!

erotic young couple during foreplay

erotic young couple during foreplay

Well folks if you liked what you read about Krystal White today, be sure to follow her on Goodreads, buy her books at, or at your local bookstore even to find out more about her characters! If you enjoy reading these books be sure to let Krystal know be leaving her a review on her books at

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Mobster's Bones Cover-1

Interracial couple being intimate in front of window

Interracial couple being intimate in front of a window.


I lunge at Kurt and we fall in a tumble of arms and legs. I haven’t been this angry in a very long time. Hurting him is on the forefront of my mind.


Getting the upper hand, I’m above him. He’s splayed on the ground below me and I let my fist fly, smashing against his nose. Immediately, it bleeds, sending red liquid down into his mouth and all over his neck seeping into his shirt.


“Shit!” he screams. “You broke my fuckin’ nose!”


Movement out of the corner of my eye grabs my attention. Standing above the both of us is Alessandra. Her cup is tipping up to her lips for a drink while her eyes glare down at the two of us. Her expression isn’t surprised or horrified; it’s bored, like she’s seen this kind of thing a million times.


The entire party has encircled us at a very safe distance. My focus returns and I calm down. I peer around because I sense a slew of eyes gawking at me. It’s quiet; even the music is turned off. I’m one of those guys!


I have crossed the line. I have turned into an asshole like Kurt. I am the one stirring the shit, making a scene, making the whole party uncomfortable for everyone. I have done the exact thing that I criticize others for.


“Are you done?” Alessandra is annoyed.


“Troy! What the hell!?”


Jake takes hold of my forearm and hauls me up. Kurt’s hands are plastered to his nose where the blood is gushing out. A blond girl I don’t know hands him a tissue.


The ride back to the dorm is silent. Jake is pissed at me and Alessandra… she doesn’t seem mad or anything but she has a faraway look in her tipsy eyes. We get off the elevator and Jake goes straight to his room. Alessandra and I go to mine. I can’t take the quiet anymore.

“I’m sorry,” I confess.

I toss my keys in the bowl by the door and check my watch. It has barely been two hours since we left. Alessandra is in my mini-fridge taking out a beer.

“Whoa.” I walk to her. “I think you’ve…” Alessandra’s lips crush mine and the can in her fingers hits the floor. She is all over me. I gently pull her arms away. “Hold on a sec.” She easily slips her arms out of my grasp and wraps them back around my neck. She leans in again kissing me. It’s amazing… but wrong. I unwrap her body from mine. “I think we should call it a night.”

Alessandra’s eyes drift open at my words. A mix of emotion is there— hurt, exhaustion, fear. Her arms fall to her sides, seemingly too heavy for her to hold up anymore. Her eyes close and beneath her lashes little tiny tears drop.

Amy Rachiele is a military spouse and brat who spent many years volunteering and on staff for the Army National Guard and Department of Veteran Affairs with family support, family readiness, as well as, families of the Fallen. Amy devoted 10 years to teaching at-risk students in the Providence School System. She holds a Master’s degree from Rhode Island College in English and Secondary Education. She volunteers her time at the local library facilitating a writer’s group in the hope of inspiring other writers. Besides writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, sewing, and traveling. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her son and husband.

Mobsters BonesMobsters Series

Amy Rachiele

The Immortal Compromise Blog Tour


A paranormal romance by Author Shannon Bell set in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris!  Be sure to get your copy to find out how the lives of the three main characters in this book evolve and change as they adjust to their new surroundings and roles in life!

The Immortal Compromise Cover

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Doors Into The Past


What does a door represent?   Do you view it as nothing more than a barrier between yourself and the outside world? After reading this post, perhaps you will begin to see doors in a new light!

The photo of the white door above, was taken while visiting Wasington DC recently.  This symmetrically designed door was attached to a stone house dating back to the 1800’s!  Imagine how much history is ingrained within the wooden fibers of this very door!  If only it had the capability to speak, the stories it could recount, of how the world has evolved around it, over the centuries!   Alas, that last thought, is but a dream, that will never come to fruition!  One can only use their imagination, to picture the experiences this door has been privy to, over the years!


The vibrant, red hue, and unique, architectural design, of these double, church doors, mimicking the shape of a church, are hard to miss, while strolling the streets of Washington DC.  They bear an inscription, carved at the edge of the stairs, dedicating the stairwell, to a woman. Who was this woman, given the privilege, of having her name engraved outside these church doors? Was she a prominent church member? Only those that inscribed her name here for eternity, would know that answer!

These are only two examples, of the dozens of doors I have photographed, on my travels. Doors have always intrigued me. The different, architectural moldings, the plethora of colors, the manner in which, homeowners stage an inviting scene, with the door as the focal point, to welcome visitors to their homes, shows they care about how others view the appeal, of their home.  Your choice of front door color, and design, sends a message to the world. What does your front door say about you?

Early to Rise, Views Early Day’s Sunrise!.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”


The Golden Hour of sunrise is truly a magnificent sight to witness! Breathtaking, with its kaleidoscope of colors, spreading seductively, across the darkened skyscape, illuminating the entire horizon, bathing it, with luminous light, eradicating traces, from the earlier darkness.  All the while, the circular, glowing orb of sunlight, continues to rise among the mural of multicolored natural beauty.  The star, of nature’s daily, dance of grace.

Unfortunately, I am not much of an early riser myself. I abhor mornings! I would much rather be up late, to the early hours of the morning and sleep late. Although, once in a blue moon, my body just won’t let me sleep in the morning, or in some cases, it’s my cat, crying at my bedroom door, demanding that it be opened, in order for him to procure additional treats, or to obtain water from the sink, despite having his own full bowl downstairs.  Either way, he demands in! I can’t ignore a crying kitty at my bedroom door after all! :) Needless to say, whether it’s my body refusing to stay asleep, or my cat at my door, I have been privileged to view quite a few sunrises.  Each one stunning, each one unique! Should you ever be awake at 5:30 AM,  be certain to grab a camera, or your Smartphone, and capture it’s exquisite beauty yourself!

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