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Early to Rise, Views Early Day’s Sunrise!.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”


The Golden Hour of sunrise is truly a magnificent sight to witness! Breathtaking, with its kaleidoscope of colors, spreading seductively, across the darkened skyscape, illuminating the entire horizon, bathing it, with luminous light, eradicating traces, from the earlier darkness.  All the while, the circular, glowing orb of sunlight, continues to rise among the mural of multicolored natural beauty.  The star, of nature’s daily, dance of grace.

Unfortunately, I am not much of an early riser myself. I abhor mornings! I would much rather be up late, to the early hours of the morning and sleep late. Although, once in a blue moon, my body just won’t let me sleep in the morning, or in some cases, it’s my cat, crying at my bedroom door, demanding that it be opened, in order for him to procure additional treats, or to obtain water from the sink, despite having his own full bowl downstairs.  Either way, he demands in! I can’t ignore a crying kitty at my bedroom door after all! :) Needless to say, whether it’s my body refusing to stay asleep, or my cat at my door, I have been privileged to view quite a few sunrises.  Each one stunning, each one unique! Should you ever be awake at 5:30 AM,  be certain to grab a camera, or your Smartphone, and capture it’s exquisite beauty yourself!

During the cold months of winter our thoughts turn to those warm summer days as the temperature drops.  We tend to search out different forms of warmth in order to stave off the chill of winter.  Pictured below is my favorite way to keep warm when temperatures drop.

A nice roaring fire in the fireplace!

A nice roaring fire in the fireplace!


I realized I never shared this nonfiction short work on my blogs about the experience of losing my first love my daughter. Please go to this link: Always In My Heart. In order to read my story and see how I decided not to let this loss define how I lived my life.  This may be especially helpful to those dealing with a miscarriage right now in their lives, or for anyone who ever has felt the pain of losing a child.  I urge you to read this short work to find some semblance of solace. Know that your rainbow exists, it’s just a little further down your life’s path than you expected.

Wishing you happiness!

Rainbows of Happiness LLC

Do you ever consider how the sunset creates such spectacular shades of color?  I often do and when I photograph a particularly magnificent sunset, I can’t help but marvel at the glorious beauty before me.  I know scientific minded folks will say the colors result from the temperature of the atmosphere or ice crystals reflecting the setting sun.  I choose to believe that Mother Nature has an amazing palette of colors she paints the sky to show humans the beauty found in the world if they only took time to admire it.  Sunsets are magical to me in their kaleidoscopic spectrum.  They signify day’s end, in a splendid show of shades!  Next time you view a stunning sunset, think not only of its beauty, but the factors that went into creating these amazing colors!  You will never take another sunset for granted again!






This week’s photo challenge for the Daily Post asks photographers to show the concept of between whether through objects, people, the actual feeling of feeling torn between decisions etc.  Here are a few examples I decided on for the subject of “between” hope you enjoy!


A landscape capture using depth of field to show a tree in the distance between the space in the branches of another tree. The viewer gains more of the surroundings as a result of peering through the space created between the branches.


The love shared between mother and daughter.  This bond is eternal and nothing can ever come between them to break this special connection!


I discovered this spider web formed between two tree branches.


Hidden deep between the blades of grass I uncovered this sparkling water droplet resting on a blade of grass.  It reflected the light beautifully casting a rainbow colored light on the blade upon which it was sitting.  It looked like a jewel resting regally between the vibrant green blades of grass!


This was an interesting addition to the Eiffel Tower when I was in France last month. Hanging between the usually open space was an inflatable tennis ball to advertise the tennis tournament the following week.  The inflatable ball was illuminated at night so it could easily be seen from afar.

So there you have it some very different depictions of the challenge of between.  What ways can you think you to depict the theme of between?

Weekly Photo Challenge- Between



“I already know what you’re thinking. Who would want a used up, scratched compact with a miniature powdering puff so small. It would take days to apply my cover up! And what do the letters VF on the cover even mean?”

“Well my friends let me recount a little of my history to you and the secrets lying within me, then maybe you’ll come to see that I am in no way ordinary, but in fact extraordinary! That my scratches   are part of my charm, and why my cover bears the letters VF upon it.”

“I belonged to a woman named Vera Falvo, those are her initials engraved on my cover.  She wasn’t one for fancy, frivolous items which wasted money.  For some reason, she was drawn to me upon seeing me in the shop.  Back then, my paint was lustrous and the sunlight bounced off my gleaming mirror sending rainbows of color cascading off the surrounding walls.  I was quite a stunning sight to behold.  The intricate design created on my cover, coupled with the fresh miniature powder puff to apply the powder once contained within were an immediate draw.  The additional pocket found on my powder puff was designed for a finger to be slipped inside to apply powder effortlessly! I was quite revolutionary in design for that pre-Depression era.”

“Vera fell in love with me instantly, but being the type of woman who didn’t approve of spending money on herself, she left me at the store, heading home to care for her young children and husband.  Money was tight, I was a luxury she could certainly get by without.  That night as her family sat around the dinner table, she must have mentioned seeing me in the shop, and her husband must have picked up on the longing in her voice, because the next day I found myself lifted from the display case, carried to the counter by the shop owner, to be shown to a gruff sounding male with blue eyes as bright as the sky.  (I knew they matched the sky because I’d seen hints of it from my perch in the shop through the glass storefront window).  Then I heard the shopkeeper say,

“Sir if you’d like I could engrave your wife’s initials on the compact’s cover.”

“Why not, she deserves to have something pretty” the blue eyed man responded.

“The next thing I felt was something sharp tearing into my lovely painted cover, but when it stopped I caught a glimpse of myself in the store’s mirror on the countertop and saw I now had the letters VF inscribed on me in beautiful cursive script.  Then everything went dark as I was carefully wrapped and packaged.”

“Suddenly my darkness was brightened by the packaging being excitedly torn away and I was staring at the face of the woman who had lovingly held me in her hands, admiring me only a day prior.  She gasped with delight at the sight of me, running her fingertips over the newly engraved VF, her initials.  Then flung her arms happily around the blue eyed man sitting next to her, watching with pleasure as she unwrapped me.”

“Every day Vera took me out of the box I came in and after inspecting my intricacies, slowly, methodically applied her powder using the specially designed puff.  She even put her favorite pink hued lipstick in the lipstick holder that was attached to me and had also been engraved with her initials. Unfortunately, one day all my powder was used up as well as the lipstick.  Did Vera discard me like some useless object?  No, she kept me out to decorate the surface of her vanity.  One day I felt myself lifted up, and carried off to another part of the house. I thought this was it for me, she was going to shove me in a drawer somewhere since I had outlived my purpose.  Suddenly, I felt my little powder puff removed as I was laid on a table.  Then Vera placed something in the finger pocket of the powder puff, replaced the puff, closed me up, and returned me to my original place on the vanity.  What she placed in the pocket of my powder puff let me know she would always treasure me as special to her.  I breathed a sigh of relief, and set about watching the decades pass from my perch on the vanity. What was it she placed in my pocket you want to know? Look below in the final picture to see.”


A photo of herself was in the pocket!


While on vacation last week in France I toured Castle Chambourd in the town of Saumer.  The castle itself was stunning, and one of my favorite architectural aspects of it was the twisting, winding staircase that had been built in the center of the castle leading from the ground to the terrace.  It reached a total of eight floors when completely ascended! I took this photograph of the pillar at the bottom which mirrored the twisting of the staircases in the twisting design encircling the pole.  I felt this photo truly epitomizes the theme of twist for this week’s challenge! :-)

Make a Wish!

Make a Wish!.


We all are familiar with these whispy dandelion seeds.  I am betting that as a child you picked one of the bulbous flowers, squeezed your eyes tight, as your mind formulated a wish that contained your heart’s desire, then lightly blew the transparent seeds, sending them scattering on the wind’s currents.  Sound familiar?  Sure it does!  There is just something enticing about these starry shaped seeds that seems to exude magic!


These dandelion seeds wished upon carried our childhood hopes and dreams entwined within their silky fibers.  Their presence today, even as adults, still holds a whimsical wonderment reminding us of the joyful moments spent believing in the magic found in nature.  This magic has not deserted us.  It lies deep within us waiting to be rediscovered.  Nature provides magnificent moments for us.  It is up to you to allow the magic found in nature, permission to become part of your world again.  As children we had no problem noticing the most minute details that encircled our environment.   We could haphazardly wish upon dandelion seed flowers, sending our wishes off into the atmosphere, secure in the knowledge that our wishes would be heard and materialize somehow in our lives.  Life was simple then.  Although we may have grown into adults, magic never ages,  waiting patiently for us to uncover it.  Delight in special aspects of nature, enhancing the magic moments found in something as simple as making a wish upon a dandelion seed flower! Allow the Earth’s wonder to rekindle the flame of childhood memories once more!


Photography taken by the writer and may not be reused, copied, or altered in any manner without written consent from the writer. Thank you! :)

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