Hello my lovely followers Welcome to A Veil of Enlightenment! Today I bring you a special interview with Author Alisha Cole  (pictured above) who has first bought us the chilling book Beautiful Nightmare.

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She is here today to share with us here newest novel and to tell us a little more about herself so without further adieu I would like to welcome Author Alisha Cole to A Veil of Enlightenment Blog! Tell the eager readers doll, what do you have brewing on the horizon for them?

Alisha Cole: Hey there! I have a few things up my sleeve, but I will start with my new book that comes out Friday; My Beautiful Lies. It’s  Book Two in the Beautiful  Nothing Series.


A Veil of Enlightenment: Ooh secrets!  🙂 Okay then. Since this is Book  Two in your series will there be a third or fourth installment for the Beautiful Nothing Series? Can you divulge that information?


Alisha: Yes! There will be three books, well unless fans beg me for a certain backstory! Lol! Book Three will be titled a Beautiful Freedom. It will be told from the point of view of main ccharacter’s best friend.

A Veil of Enlightenment: I like the sound of that title! A nice way to tie things up (pardon my pun!)

Alisha: Hahaha! Thank you! 🙂


A Veil of Enlightenment: My first question for you is in your first book My Beautiful Nightmare you really write about a lot of dark issues.  How were you  able  to  find  inspiration to create such a violent male character?

Alisha: Honestly? Music helped with the plot to get things going, but I have been through a lot and the whole time I wrote it, my writing  came from a lot of hurt and anger that I haven’t  really dealt with.

I’m so sorry sweetie. It has been  said writing can be cathartic and I must say this book you created came from your soul I could tell.  It’s a beautiful masterpiece! 🙂 ♡

Now how about telling your readers more about the fun side of you that I adore?


Alisa: Thank you that means alot! 🙂

A Veil of Enlightenment: When a book touches me I have to tell my followers and this one definitely touched me! Whoohoo!

Alisha: Okay, the fun side of me? HMM…. I am very quirky and love to have fun. I am that girl that dances around the house when alone. I am quite random and love a handful of of things that you would never guess I like!

A Veil of Enlightenment :  Ooh intriguing! Now you can’t leave us all hanging like that Alisa! Spill! We want to hear these random things you like!

Alisha: Hahaha!  I love leaving people on the edge it’s exciting! Anywho, I love the show Ancient Aliens, Finding BigFoot, & Spartacus. My tastes vary! I am a Thor, Hello Kitty, & pizza  addict (not kidding,  I obsess over anything having to do with those things!) Hahaha! I love zombies,  playing  video games, and aliens fascinate me! Lol! Did I mention I was random? 🙂

A Veil of Enlightenment :  Whoa! That is random stuff! But it makes you unique! So here’s a random question for you than, do you have any unique piercings or tattoos? Please keep it PG! 🙂

Alisha: Lol when people tend to ask me who I am I often panic since I am still trying to work that one out myself! I have nine tattoos and counting each one has a symbolic meaning to me. I only have my ears pierced, so no worries there!

A Veil of Enlightenment :  Good  to know! SOOO  back to your amazing series!  Imagine yourself 10 years from now. What do you hope to achieve as an author by than?

Alisha: In 10 years I would love to just grow as an author. Being a Best seller doesn’t matter to me. What matters is finding those fans that believe in you, root for you when you need it most. I hope to achieve getting more books out for people to  enjoy,  & that they connect with my books on the same deep level I do.

A Veil of Enlightenment: I think you will be able to do just that darling. Keep doing what you do best,  stay positive, & stick to your path.  Any words of wisdom for budding writers?

Alisha : Thank you I plan to and yes I do have advice. Believe in myourself,  even if you’re the only one who does. You can  only achieve success if you work for it!

A Veil of Enlightenment :  Love the optimistic attitude Alisha Cole! If you wish to follow Alisha Cole her sites are listed at the end of this interview.  Alisa is hosting a release party on Facebook for her new book Beautiful Lies on Friday January 8th. Go sign up to learn more about this amazing author’s series!

Yours truly will be doing an author takeover at Alisa ‘ s Release party from 3-4 PM EST!  Stop by for games and giveaways!

Facebook release link https://www.facebook.com/events/1642497659308426/

Thank you Alisa for spending time with A Veil of Enlightenment today!

Alisha : Thank  you for having me!

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