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During the cold months of winter our thoughts turn to those warm summer days as the temperature drops.  We tend to search out different forms of warmth in order to stave off the chill of winter.  Pictured below is my favorite way to keep warm when temperatures drop.

A nice roaring fire in the fireplace!

A nice roaring fire in the fireplace!


Do you ever consider how the sunset creates such spectacular shades of color?  I often do and when I photograph a particularly magnificent sunset, I can’t help but marvel at the glorious beauty before me.  I know scientific minded folks will say the colors result from the temperature of the atmosphere or ice crystals reflecting the setting sun.  I choose to believe that Mother Nature has an amazing palette of colors she paints the sky to show humans the beauty found in the world if they only took time to admire it.  Sunsets are magical to me in their kaleidoscopic spectrum.  They signify day’s end, in a splendid show of shades!  Next time you view a stunning sunset, think not only of its beauty, but the factors that went into creating these amazing colors!  You will never take another sunset for granted again!






Make a Wish!

Make a Wish!.

Well sorry to be off the wordpress grid lately! I promise to make it up to my followers with some amazing photography captures within the next few days! 🙂 The weekly photo challenge was to do a selfie! I think back to a year ago or so when no one had even heard of the term “selfie”, but we allknow at one point or another in our lives we’ve turned the camera on ourselves! Now it just has a name for that action so we can feel justified in photographing ourselves freely! 🙂  So without further ado here’s the selfie I managed to pull off! Please be kind! 🙂


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie

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Rainbows Everywhere!!


My object I fondly refer to as my rainbow maker!  My best friend gave it to me this past Christmas since she knew of my love for rainbows!  The object pictured contains a mini solar panel on top, which when powered by sunlight causes the colorful gears in the circle to move.  The moving gears cause the dangling crystal to rotatate, resulting in rainbows being visible throughout the whole room!  I was skeptical if it would really work when I first hung it in my bedroom window, but the next morning I awoke to a room bathed in rainbows! It was so pleasant to wake up like this, everyone who loves rainbows should have a rainbow maker of their own to enjoy those seven fabulous colors seen when a rainbow appears!  Something about the sight of a mini rainbow in my room just fills me with joy, making the day ahead seem full of endless possibilities to achieve! 


Some rainbows created by my rainbow maker! 🙂
Weekly Photo Challenge-Object

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     Juxtaposition is the depiction of two objects that seem completely out of place when placed side by side.  Here I chose this photograph of a freely growing amongst the weeds and dead leaves of late fall.  It offers a spot of hope of brightness in an otherwise muted landscape devoid of color.  A special symbol of inspiration for a world in need of something to cling to as a sign that things will get better. That’s the interpretation I get from this photograph.  What do you think the buttercup depicts here?


Photography captures of the kaleidoscope of colors created by the setting sun tonight! Nature’s beauty is breathtaking at times! Amazing!

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Well the time nears for us to bid goodbye to yet another year! I want to wish my followers a very special Happy New Year and I wish you joy, good health, and happiness in 2014!  Thank you for sticking by me through 2013 as I navigated the world of social media!  I hope that 2014 brings you much success in your future projects and endeavours!  Be safe tonight and enjoy the merriment of ushering in another new year with friends and family!  Until 2014, best regards to all! 🙂

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I hope all enjoyed the holidays and made wonderful memories.  I thought it would be fun to share through writing or photography some favorite holidays moments experienced on Christmas.  Feel free to share you favorite moments from your holiday celebrations yesterday by commenting in the comments area or sending the link to a photograph you want to share with the A Veil of Enlightenment followers!  I”ll post any shared photographs on my blog and the photographer retains ownership! Hope to see some wonderful holiday scenes! 🙂

      Beautiful holiday table settings!


Gorgeous sunset colors on Christmas Day!


         Delicious Holiday Desserts!


          Pets Dressed for Christmas!

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Best wishes for the happiest of holidays to all my followers! Have a safe and merry holiday season, enjoying this time with close family and friends.  Eat lots of delicious holiday cookies, and don’t think twice.  Holidays were made for celebrating and enjoying the good things in life!  I wish you a prosperous New Year full of happiness, health, and success! I will be signinging off for the holidays, but spread the word about my blog to family and friends to follow and like, and share my posts at  Enjoy everyone! Be safe! 🙂

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